In this episode Thomas and John discuss how training ideas and programs might change for non powerlifters. 

After a short break, Peak Speak is back with another episode! Thomas recaps his recent visit to America and goes on to discuss why he thinks the strength coaching industry has it backwards. 

This week we welcome back Dr. Jordan Shallow D.C for a great chat with John Sheridan on all things business, motivation, passion and life. Jordan is an elite powerlifter, strength and conditioning coach, consultant and chiropractor from Windsor Ontario and founder/president of

Jaxson Jay is a chiropractor and teacher of anatomy at Macquarie University and competitive powerlifter. In this episode, John and Jaxson discuss the topic of transgender competition and many popular opinions and misconceptions.

Thomas and John discuss powerlifting equipment. This includes the mechanism of how it assists in lifting more weight, how to choose products to suit you and brands to look for if you're on the market for new gear. 

Thomas and John interview strongman competitor Tyson Morrissy, the 3rd World's Strongest Man in the under 105kg category, and 2x Australian strongest man in the under 105kg category. Tyson is also the owner of Strong Geelong gym in Victoria. 

Thomas sat down and spoke with elite powerlifter Jen Smith, who alongside competing runs Kongcrete Nutrition and online coaching service Platform Strong.

Thomas sat down with Michael Adams, a strength coach for people with special needs. An inspiring discussion on how Michael has managed to grow the sport and how the rest of the community can get involved.

In this episode John and Thomas discuss the topic of sponsorship in the world of Powerlifting.

Alex Deken is an accomplished Australian powerlifter and is also the head coach at PTC South Melbourne. Thomas and John got to sit down and chat with him in Adelaide after his superb lifting performance in the 110s at GPC Nationals.

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