Thomas and John had the opportunity to sit down with the extremely well accomplished Queensland based powerlifter Will Crozier, and chat with him about all things lifting and more. Will Crozier won the 110kg category at Pro Raw this year in a nail biting finish. 

In this episode the boys talk about 'gym culture' and how it differs between commercial and specialty facilities.

In this episode Thomas Lilley and John Sheridan discuss how training mindset can change through both different phases of training and experience levels.

This episode is actually the tail end of an unreleased Peak Speak, a Peak Speak too controversial to air. In this episode Thomas and John discuss the factors necessary to push the popularity of Powerlifting as a sport.

In this episode Thomas and John discuss the most important elements to get good at, particularly if you're unable to hire a coach.

In this episode, Thomas and John discuss accessory movements and how to select and use them wisely.

Thomas and John discuss different mindsets on competition day, with some added banter thrown in.

In this episode, John Sheridan and Thomas Lilley discuss the importance of having a yearly training plan, structuring it around competitions and when it's time to put your foot on the gas or ease off.

Thomas and John interview powerlifter and massage therapist Matt Stenzel to talk about different rehab and recovery techniques and what you should be looking out for when you seek treatment in these areas.

Straight outta Burley Strength, John and Thomas catch up to discuss their thoughts on Pro Raw 2019 at the Arnold Classic, Melbourne. Who were the standout lifters, what did they love about the event and what could be improved upon next year?

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